7 Smart Ways to Invest $1,000

in Your Home Right Now

Our homes are among our biggest assets and so it is always important to continually invest in them to keep them in great shape.  However, we sometimes get so caught up on the idea of the big projects that we forget that the smaller investments are just as important.  Here is a menu of things you can do to show your home some love and that will help save you money in the long run.


1. Buy a Home Warranty

If your home is more than 5 years old, you may want to consider purchasing a home warranty.  A home warranty will cover your air conditioning, water heater, appliances, ceiling fans, garbage disposal and more.  We have had great personal success with both Fidelity National Home Warranty and One Guard.  Both companies cover garage door springs and freon – which are key.  $550-$1000 annually depending on coverage


2. Get A Roof Tune Up

The roofing company we have used for years, Shamrock Roofing 480-888-6648, will come out and do a free roof inspection.  Fixing broken tiles, sealing around vent pipes, repairing cracked mortar caps, clearing roof debris, and keeping your roof well-maintained is a great way to extend the life of your roof and prepare your home before monsoon season.  $500-$1000


3. Get Your AC Serviced 

Your HVACs should be serviced each year to preserve the life of your units.  Be sure to also change your air filters more frequently in the summer during dust storm season. Be sure to us a reputable AC company and don’t replace your units unless you have gotten a second opinion.  Call us if you need a referral. $150 per unit


4. Do A Deep Cleaning

Clean houses function better mechanically and are also better for your respiratory health. Take the time this summer to have the carpets cleaned, scrub your home from top to bottom (including inside all closets and cabinets) and clean the windows inside and out. Dryer ducts need cleaning too! $500 – $1000


5. Invest in Energy Efficiency

Add summer sunscreens on your west windows, install programmable thermostats to take advantage of SRPs time of use plans, or swap to LED lightbulbs. $100-$1000

6. Update Your Light Fixtures

Amazon, Wayfair, and Lowes all have affordable updated light fixtures and fans that will transform your interiors.  $100-$1000



7. Upgrade the Thing That Irritates You Most! 

For some it may be an old dishwasher, for others it may be slow internet caused by an old router, for someone else it may be an ugly wall color… figure out what bugs you most about your house and tackle that thing first.  Your home should be your sanctuary!